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Rick specializes in photographing people in active and telling moments for commercial and editorial clients, at home and abroad. From photographing new medical facilities of a local hospital to the important health care and education work of Catholic Relief Services in Africa, covering life and news for the Corbis agency, to creating in-action moments of a local thermal fluids recycler, his work is utilized to make an impression and to accomplish a wide variety of communicative goals.

We are the sum of our varied experiences and the result of being far flung has composed a unique and personal style to each image that finds its way into the variety of projects he is asked to take on. Although photographers often specialize in their work, most respond to and explore many other visual inspirations that lie outside of the primary specialties. Unlike Rick's primary Commercial and Editorial site at deliaphotographic.com, this site allows him to share a broad variety of additional collections that have captured his creative muse.